Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Section 8 Waiting List Opens To Fort Lauderdale residents

Fort Lauderdale accepting Section 8 (HCV) applications

The Housing Choice Voucher  (Section 8 ) Program  is a federally funded program to help low income families to pay for safe and affordable housing. The Fort Lauderdale Housing Authority's is opening section 8 waiting list and will be accepting application. 

"The applications have to be postmarked by Sept. 20 and received by Sept. 26, 2013. A random lottery will be held on Oct. 4 at Sunnyreach Acres Community Center."  application available at  South Florida Sun-Sentinel website.


  1. hi my name is Priscilla pierce I need my own place because me and my 11year old son sleep in the some bed so can someone help me with that and my cell number is 754-214-8890

    1. Hello Priscilla I don't know if anyone has contact you but if you haven't received a reply you might consider a sleeper sofa or a bunkbed.

  2. To whom it may concern I know their are a lot of homeless families out there and it's hard to find full time employment and housing several months back this agency had a open list and claimed to be registering 200 applicants for housing myself and four others were on home phones and cell phones all day attempting to register a homeless mother and her five children and to know avail the phones would ring and whoever picked up the phone hung it up. Now I would say out of all those hang ups at least one of us should have gotten a response from the individuals on the other line. So how did the 200 names get on the list if your hanging the phone up on those that are calling in. if this happen to get your attention my contact information is 954 274-8299. Once again this was not for me but a homeless mother of five that is in need of housing to this day.